baby cot bed with storage Baby cot bed with storage
Sleeper mattress and Bed Me fitted sheet The most untippable travel bed from hauck Stylish frame with bi-color look Can be used anywhere - at home or away Folds up quickly and compactly Optionally available: There's also the Sleepyhead — a favourite of John Lewis' Bettis - a multi-functional, portable baby bed that you can use from birth and that has a longer shelf life than your average Moses basket. Sleeper mattress and Bed Me fitted sheet Travel bed, bedside sleeper and baby cot Wthin seconds - folded up with one hand only Lockable rocking function Compact folding for space-saving storage For trips and at home Travel bed, second bed, playpen, play center - all in one A complete set from birth onwards Height-adjustable lying surface Folds up quickly and compactly Optionally available:

Small is beautiful and less really can be more. Your baby needs to sleep in the same room as you for the first six months. Here are some practical ideas on how to make the most of a small nursery. Think tall furniture, not wide Use the height of the room and choose tall rather than wide furniture. Think about buying a single-door wardrobe and adapting it to your needs.

You could fit a few more hanging rails for your baby clothes , and shoe racks and storage boxes could slot in nicely at the bottom. Canvas wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. For safety , make sure you secure tall furniture to the wall with a bracket or two. Multi-functional furniture Multi-functional furniture, such as a storage bench that you can use both as a toy chest and a seat, saves space and money. Changing units have drawers or shelves for all your nappy-changing supplies.

They are best avoided since they can pose a risk to babies as soon as they can sit themselves up. Cribs have their own stand and can usually rock, swing or glide or be locked in a stationery position.

Some have space underneath to tidy away boxes and baskets. If you don't have room for a changing unit, try an over-cot changer. It fits across the top of your baby's cot and can be used separately once your toddler moves to a bed. If you choose a cot-bed that converts into a full-sized bed, you won't have to store the cot when you no longer need it.

Some co-sleepers convert into playpens, so you can carry on using it once your baby's outgrown it. Most have storage pockets for all your nappy-changing accessories. You could also put up some shelves, with enough space between them to fit boxes and baskets. Your baby may only have a few books to begin with, but his library will grow! Until then, a bookcase is useful storage for things like toys or bedding. You can also find nappy holders to hang on the wall.

Alternatively, just use hooks to hang up bags or anything else that takes up space. Over-door hangers or hooks are useful for hanging nappy bags and laundry bags. Folding furniture Try portable or collapsible drawers for storing items under the cot or bed. Travel cots take up less space and can be folded away when not needed. Folding bassinets that double as playpens are also available, and some have wheels for moving from one room to another.

Extra storage ideas Storage bags that you can vacuum-pack yourself are ideal for storing teddies, clothes and bedding. You can safely store the bags under beds and wardrobes. The illusion of space Room corners are often left bare, so think about corner cupboards or shelving and corner hanging nets. Some wall colours can make a room feel bigger or smaller. Choose soft, pastel colours for a more spacious feel.

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  • If you prefer vivid colours , use a pale colour for the base and a bright, stronger colour for detail. If the room has a low ceiling, vertical stripes on one of the walls create an illusion of height. A mirror opposite a window adds more light and sparkle to a room too. Mirrors are often heavy, so do make sure it's securely attached to the wall. For example, many mums put the changing table in the bathroom or just use a changing mat.

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    This can be used in any room and easily stored away. You could put your feeding chair in your bedroom or living room.

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    baby cot bed with storage Baby cot bed with storage

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