baby cribs uk Baby cribs uk

For example, drop-rail cribs are no longer sold, and some older cribs have rails that are farther apart than is considered safe.

baby cribs uk Baby cribs uk

That said, the crib is the foundation of your nursery, so have fun with it! Here are some things to consider while shopping… Design: Style is the one thing you absolutely do not have to sacrifice when baby comes along. As you know there are plenty of ways to stay chic during and after pregnancy as well as a whole slew of fashions for baby.

Enjoy your baby Cot death is uncommon and becomes rare after the age of 5 months - about the time when babies are able to roll over and move a bit more. It is the term used to describe the sudden death of a baby in its sleep where no cause or reason can be found. The following guidelines have been developed to help when looking for a cot:

Cribs are no exception! Whether you are into the more traditional look, are looking for something more modern or have pure luxury in mind there is something for every taste.

Cribs are available in a range of prices, too, from a couple hundred pound for a simple crib to thousands for a high-end designer option.

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  • Some also cover the bassinet stage, as well. A good solid crib is made of solid wood such as pine, beech or birch. Finishing should also be non-toxic. In addition, cribs should also make sure small, metal parts, such screws and other nuts and bolts, are hidden well. Even among standard-sized cribs, some have bigger footprints than others, so measure to make sure your choice will fit.

    This could pose a problem for baby if farther apart because they could get appendages stuck in between the slats. When they are younger the potential of slipping their head through these slats if bigger is considerably higher.

    This is almost essential when a baby starts to sit up. Features A good crib is one which can help you easily attend to your baby.

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    Ask yourself what features can help you check, pick-up, and even lay your baby to sleep. You may decide to buy a model with double drop sides where both left and right railings can be dropped down. Some of the best cribs to buy are those with convertible features. These may be more expensive but can be used longer by your child. Some of these also come with storage drawers. The lifetime convertible cribs, on the other hand, can turn into all the three types of bed present in the 3-in-1, but with the last stage which is the full size bed.

    Make sure it comes complete with all the knots and bolts, even the additional parts that make each bed stages it converts to. Warranty Before purchasing a crib, check first if it has a warranty. As a norm, items are given at least a 1 year warranty. Also ask if this comes with a supply of spare parts in case the one you have breaks.

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  • Supplying all of these is a sign that the company who manufactured the crib is committed in providing you with the best customer care.



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