cot attached to bed for baby Cot attached to bed for baby
cot attached to bed for baby Cot attached to bed for baby

What you need to know about the new safe sleep guidelines for babies Some of the new sleep recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics may surprise you. By Ariel Brewster Oct 24, Photo: The AAP is still adamantly against bed-sharing sometimes called co-sleeping for safety reasons, but, they say, we should be room-sharing for at least six months, and, optimally, a full year.

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I wanted my helpless, teeny little bundle of baby squish as close by as possible, pretty much at all times. But there was no way we could fit a full-sized crib into our bedroom. When our baby outgrew the bassinet at four months, we moved him to his crib in the nursery a few feet down the hall and used a video monitor to take a peek whenever he fussed. In my case, the only way we would have been able to sleep in the same room for a full year is if I set up a twin mattress on the floor of the nursery.

The risk increases with every hour you bed-share, too—which means that bed-sharing only in the early morning, after that last sleepy, 5 a. This includes both naps and nighttime sleep.

Cot bumpers are attractive and might reduce injury caused by your baby bumping his head against the bars or getting a limb stuck between them. Below are a few of our favorite co-sleepers. I would be wary of buying a second-hand mattress unless you know the person you are buying it from.

This is easier said than done, obviously. Once a steady breastfeeding relationship has been established, research shows that babies who sleep while sucking on a soother have a significantly decreased risk of SIDS—anywhere from 50 per cent to 90 per cent.

It seemed the cot was designed with the half fold to stop the baby rolling out of it. Put the baby in your bed, you and your partner risk rolling on the baby, or risk the baby getting caught up and suffocated in your bedding.

The popular WubbaNub binkies would fall into this risky category. Elevating the head of the crib mattress or otherwise keeping your baby more upright will not reduce reflux.

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  • This report looked at all the available evidence and found that, contrary to popular belief, putting babies to sleep flat on their backs does not increase the risk of choking and aspiration, even in those with gastroesophageal reflux a more severe condition than the occasional newborn spit-up. Safe sleep starts on the maternity ward and in the NICU.

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  • This leads them to assume that if the hospital did it, then it must be OK. Swaddling does not reduce SIDS. Never place a swaddled baby to sleep on her stomach. In-bed sleepers are still a question mark. Frequent wake-ups keep your baby safe. The updated safe sleep guidelines reiterate the importance of always putting babies on their backs not their side or tummies.

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