new baby cot New baby cot

It usually occurs during sleep but can happen anywhere and at any time. SIDS is a rare condition.

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  • What causes sudden infant death syndrome SIDS? There is no known cause why babies and young children die from SIDS. Exposing a baby to cigarette smoke or allowing a baby to overheat increases the risk.

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  • Co-sleeping means an adult sleeping beside a baby in a bed, on a sofa or chair. Healthy babies placed on their backs are not more likely to choke.

    Most watched News videos. The covers are soft cotton which are good if you'd prefer your baby not to sleep on synthetic materials.

    Sleeping a baby on their tummy or side greatly increases the risk of SIDS. If your baby rolls onto their tummy, you should place them on their back again with their feet to the foot of the cot. Feet to foot "Feet to foot" means your baby's feet touch the foot of the cot, crib or Moses basket. Babies can overheat because: You need to check regularly to make sure your baby does not get too hot.

    A firm and waterproof cot bed mattress that fits your crib is the perfect choice for your baby What to look for when buying a baby cot bed mattress There are three main aspects to look for when choosing a baby cot bed mattress. Alternatively, if space allows, some parents will move temporarily into the nursery, placing a spare bed in there so that they are nearby while baby gets used to the new environment. Have you prepared the nursery with all the essentials to ensure your baby is safe, comfortable, warm and nearby?

    When indoors or in a warm car, bus or train, remove a hat or extra clothing from your baby. Suitable bedding for your baby Use sheets and lightweight blankets.

    Don't use duvets, quilts, baby nests, wedges, bedding rolls or pillows. A folded blanket makes two layers. It is good to use a lightweight, well-fitting baby sleeping bag.

    A baby's mattress should be firm, flat, well-fitting and clean. The outside should be waterproof and covered with a single sheet.

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  • If your baby is sweating or their tummy feels hot to the touch, remove one or more layers of bedding. Keep your baby's head uncovered while sleeping Arrange the bed covers to reach no higher than your baby's shoulders. Tuck in covers securely. Loose sheets or blankets can cover a baby's face or head and can increase the risk of SIDS.

    Sleeping position at five or six months old Aged five or six months old, a baby can roll from back to front and back again on their own. You can leave the baby to find their own position.

    new baby cot New baby cot

    Breastfed babies have a lower risk of SIDS. Breastfeeding your baby, even for some feeds, may reduce the risk of SIDS compared to exclusive formula feeding. Exclusive breastfeeding decreases the risk of SIDS. To avoid exposing your baby to cigarettes: This greatly increases the risks of SIDS, even if you don't smoke in bed.

    Smoking Risks of bed-sharing co-sleeping The safest place for your baby to sleep is on their back with their feet to the foot of a cot in your room during their first six months. An adult bed-sharing with a baby increases the risk of SIDS. Don't share a bed with your baby if you or your partner: Sleeping with your baby on a sofa or chair is linked to a higher risk of SIDS.

    new baby cot New baby cot

    There is also a risk that your baby might be trapped, injured or suffocated. Some parents find that using a breathing monitor reassures them. If your baby seems unwell, seek medical advice immediately.

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