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Ghostly goings on in Devon as more s Louise has even approached Torbay Council about the mystery figure, and it said only security guards would have been inside the building the day the footage was taken. The outfit the woman is wearing appears to have white cuffs and it looks Victorian," She added: As he got up to take a closer look it seemed to dissolve into the wall.

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Other guests have also glimpsed the same monk in the lounge next to the bar. The figure moved to the stairs and started to descend towards the bar. Thinking that the man was a burglar, the landlord chased after him. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he found the bar empty, all the doors locked and all the windows secure.

The figure had simply vanished. A new policeman once came into the inn one evening to meet the locals. Upstairs the bedrooms are haunted by another ghost, that of a man described as being tall, bald and dressed in black. The apparition is most often seen in bedroom number 1, if you're planning on staying over!

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  • Phenomena include items being moved by invisible hands, orbs of light hovering in mid-air and sightings of a ghostly figure dressed in a feathered cap who walks through a wall on the way to the former stable block — believed to be called Samuel, he is thought to have been killed in a Civil War battle at nearby Sourton.

    The Stag Inn, Rackenford In the 18th century, sleepy Rackenford, near Tiverton , enjoyed the regular visits of a wealthy young stranger who spent lavishly at The Stag Inn on food, drink and entertainment.

    All went well until the two highwaymen were accosted by Bow Street Runners and, in the melee, Dick Turpin accidentally shot Tom King - who died by the roadside. His ghost returned to his beloved Stag Inn in Devon where to this day he is said to ride into the courtyard, strides into the bar and sometimes even looks furtively out of the porch.

    Stories surrounding the 17th century former farmhouse include an elderly coachman spotted in the restaurant area, a grumpy old man in an upstairs bedroom and a little girl who wanted to play hide and seek.

    Spooky… The Muddiford Inn, Muddiford Appliances strangely switching themselves on and self propelled cookware and coinage are claimed by staff who are certain they share space with at least four resident ghosts. Customers have reported the sight and alarming feel of ghostly presences which include a faceless coachman in a long leather coat and a young girl dancing outside dressed in chiffon that remains dry despite heavy rainfall.

    A ghostly young girl has also been seen holding a baby boy from whom cries were heard.

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  • The most recent sighting was of the faceless coachman sitting outside the pub, deep in conversation with another person. The 13 ways you can tell if your house is haunted The West Country Inn, Hartland This remote coaching inn has been at the centre of the small rural community here in north Devon for more than years — at one stage it was where letters were delivered.

    In years gone by, livestock was sold here and labourers hired. It was at one of the fairs that a year-old girl called Elvira was murdered and the inn is said to be haunted both by Elvira and her killer, who later committed suicide. The ghost usually only likes to show herself to women - the young daughter of the family who kept the inn during the s came face-to-face with her at the top of the stairs and took several days to recover from the shock.

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    A tall, dark, quiet woman has often been seen standing at the bar and gliding through the kitchen. I looked through a window and saw a figure in the corner of the bar. It was a tall woman but then she suddenly vanished. Built in , it contains an ancient Norman fireplace taken from the ruined 12th century castle next door.

    baby cot bed ebay uk Baby cot bed ebay uk

    Another tale conjures up the even more ancient past - three toga-clad ghosts who march through a wall. The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes The spectre of an elderly man dressed in a red coat is supposed to pop in through the front door of The Bay Horse Inn on odd occasions and wander off towards the rear of the former coaching inn, which dates back to We thought also he might have been a coachman from the coaching days.

    The Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford This 13th century building was originally a manor house and was the scene of not one but two untimely deaths. The first ghost, Mary Whiddon, was shot on the steps of the manor by a jealous lover as she arrived to celebrate her wedding day back in The second haunting is by Sydney Godolphin, a poet and soldier, was brought to the manor to recover from wounds he had received in the battle of Shimish in Unfortunately, he never recovered and died there soon after his arrival.

    Her raucous laughter is often heard near the bar area. Reports of a second and far less cheerful spirit have also been made.

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  • According to a number of locals, a headless horseman has been seen riding across Bickleigh Bridge outside the pub and many people have reported hearing the sound of hooves pounding over the bridge. The Coach and Horses, Buckland Brewer Most commonly sighted in this north Devon inn are the ghosts of two cavaliers, who stand in the corner of one of the rooms. This room contains a hook that hangs from the ceiling, which and was once used to suspend people as a form of punishment.

    It is thought these two knights are still attempting to see these once-fatal punishments through to their bitter end. The Churston Court Inn, Brixham Built in the 12th century, this charming little pub in Torbay is home to a number of spirits. The most notable of which is a group of monks who have been spotted by several customers over the years. According to reports, the monks have been seen blowing out candles in the dining area of the building late in the evening, perhaps hoping no one will see them!

    baby cot bed ebay uk Baby cot bed ebay uk

    A local architect was commissioned to construct a grand and illustrious mansion - complete with its own theatre. Singer died shortly before the mansion was completed in Between and Isaac's third son Paris supervised alterations to the mansion.

    It would see major rebuilding works to transform the mansion into the famed Palace of Versailles. Read More One of Britain's oldest pubs is up for sale - and it's haunted by a nun The mansion was used heavily during both World Wards. It was even damaged in an air raid in The mansion has starred on the silver screen in recent years.

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