cot attached to bed nz Cot attached to bed nz

All infants maintained normal core temperatures overnight although bedshare infants had a higher shin temperature [ Bedshare infants had thicker bedding RR: Awakenings in the bedshare group were more common, of shorter duration, and caused less change in infant temperatures.

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  • The maximum exposure time was the same for both groups 60mins. Bedshare infants commonly slept on their side, while cot infants slept supine. Prone sleeping was rare BS: Maternal checks were more iii frequent in the bedshare group median: Father or sibling contact was rare. Bedshare infants sleep in a warmer environment and experience more potentially dangerous events such as head-covering and rebreathing.

    However, all infants in this study maintained normal rectal temperature and SaO 2 suggesting they were protected by homeostatic responses. Infant safety is also facilitated by frequent maternal checking and maternal responses to infant movements.

    The mother-infant proximity during bedsharing allows prompt responses, reduces time infants are upset, and minimises disruption from frequent breast feeding - aspects valued by many.

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  • It is not known if infants of smoking mothers or parents with impaired responses eg due to alcohol, respond adequately to the potentially dangerous situations identified. The results of this study will be used to formulate recommendations to parents for improving the safety of bedsharing.

    cot attached to bed nz Cot attached to bed nz

    At this time my daughter was five years old. As a baby, she had slept on a long sheep skin, as was the norm at the time.

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  • My son was 2 years old and he had shared our bed every night from six weeks of age. We were past the SIDS concern as a family but it was still with considerable personal interest that I listened to the discussions of the data implicating bed sharing as a risk factor for SIDS.

    So began my introduction to SIDS research which later led to me joining the Dunedin Paediatric-Physiology research group as a PhD student and to this study, to try to understand more of the risks and benefits of bed sharing. Now several years later the challenge of meshing scientific data with cultural values and practices continues to fascinate me. This has been quite a journey, and many people have helped me along the way.

    cot attached to bed nz Cot attached to bed nz

    Without them this thesis would not exist. I would like to especially acknowledge and thank the following people: In particular, I am grateful to Barry for his vision, encouragement and generosity in sharing his vast knowledge; Barbara for her generous help in getting the project up and running and then her guidance, friendship and support throughout; David for his wonderful command of the English language and his insights into so many aspects of life.

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    Amanda Phillips and Charrissa Makowharemahihi for many late nights and early mornings helping set up studies in family homes, for their skill at recruiting, and their endless patience for viewing and logging video tapes of sleeping families. Charrissa for her energy for encouraging Maori participation, and for bringing a Maori perspective to the study and to researchers in the department; Amanda for her excellent organisational skills, excellent people skills, and ability to get things done!

    Rachel Sayers for staying awake all night during pilot studies, for helping set up the initial home studies, and for knowing how all sorts of things v worked! Marie Goulden and Natasha Eagle for additional logging of data from the video tapes and the BabyLog records; Maartje Beckers Medical student for contributions to the initial analysis of Part One of the temperature data.

    But now I realise that as Theo gets older and, when he can roll, it won't be ideal as I won't be able to leave him in unzipped it without me in the room. In the beginning you will need to intervene and help them find their sleep but over time they will learn to fall asleep on their own. Maternal perceptions were reported to be positive with a preference for side-car cribs compared to standard cots while on the postnatal ward due to visual and physical access to their baby, facilitation of breastfeeding, ease of settling, and reduced need to call staff for assistance



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