cot bed how long does it last Cot bed how long does it last
cot bed how long does it last Cot bed how long does it last

How long does it take to get used to your mattress? It may sound simple, but it will save you any damage or scratching your heads! The reason we have used a topper is simply due to size so you can clearly see in detail and close up the wrapping and packaging.

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  • When your new boxed mattress arrives it will be sent out rolled and in a tall box. We advise that you remove the old mattress and make sure you have some room ready to unwrap the new one. We recommend that you move the boxed mattress to the room of choice before unwrapping it.

    This is because once unwrapped the mattress will quadruple in size and start to expand. This means handling it becomes somewhat harder, so why make things hard for yourself?!

    Once in the room please take the mattress out of the box. It could look similar to the image above.

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  • Once out please use a pair of scissors and not a knife. Also, we find scissors easier to put down and less dangerous if you stand on them!

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    Turn the mattress until you can see the start of the roll, a bit like looking at the end of the sticky tape. Once you have found it using scissors carefully cut the first piece of tape and wrapping.

    The mattress will then start to unwrap as seen below. Then moving down to the middle tape if present, please carefully cut this. Then moving down to the last piece of tape at the bottom, please again cut through this.

    This is where the mattress shall be free to unroll and expand, so again just make sure you have some clear space. It will start to unroll fully. You can lay it out on the bed and remove any plastic outer packaging.

    Shipping will take 5—14 days once the order has been completed. Co-sleeping is a personal choice made by families that we hope is only made after careful consideration and consultation with personal medical professionals.

    Once unrolled you will need to leave your mattress and topper for good hours as they start to expand and fill with air. This is because during rolling the air is compressed out of them. It may be a good idea to open a window and let the mattress ventilate. If your mattress after 6 hours is still not looking fully expanded a quick shake and then another few hours or so should be enough.

    Once aired and fully expanded, your new bed is ready to be dressed, covered and finally enjoyed! Your finished unrolled and fully expanded mattress, topper in this example, should look firm and full. What is a boxed mattress? A boxed mattress is usually a foam mattress that has been vacuum packed and rolled to save on storage and delivery space. The mattress enters a big roller which crushes the air out of the foam reducing its size drastically, putting it under stress it is then sealed in a bag, usually heat sealed, and then boxed.

    cot bed how long does it last Cot bed how long does it last

    Does rolling a mattress damage it? A very long time ago now, we used to roll and crush some of our foam mattresses as customers suggested it was more convenient for them. We were given assurances by suppliers of the machinery that can crush and roll mattresses, that it was fine to do so. However, there is a time limit of 3 months and after that the mattress is usually damaged beyond repair. Over time cracks and defects can occur in the foam as its stressed beyond its normal tolerances.

    Explaining to customers that with our white glove 2 man delivery service, crushing the mattress was kind of pointless. Having a rolled mattress means you have to wait hours for it to come back to its original shape which can be frustrating for you the customer.

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  • Are boxed mattresses any good? We have extensively written about some of the newer boxed mattress brands such as Eve, Simba, Casper etc. The issue with these models is they try to be a one size fits everyone, which we disagree with completely. Then there is the issue with the One sided mattresses.

    So there is plenty to consider and we would rather you read the articles to make your own mind up on these models. If you want to read some more detailed discussions on boxed mattresses, such as Eve, then please start with this comment here. If the price is your deciding factor, then we would ask you to look at our Origins which is at a similar price point to Eve, Simba and Casper as a basis for comparison to a non-rolled mattress.

    Once you have let your mattress settle for a few hours, we then advise you give it a week or two to sleep on it to properly try it. Lying on it for a night will not give you a true feel for the mattress. If you think of a new mattress like a new pair of shoes you need to let it bed in slightly and allow our self weeks to truly get used to it before deciding if it is right for you or not.

    Especially if you have had your previous bed for a number of years you will have been used to its feel and profile, a new bed will feel different at first.

    But, the measures listed above reduce the small risk of cot death even further. They want things done properly — randomised control trials and all that sort of thing. Cot death is uncommon.

    Our 30 day love it or return it guarantee gives you this peace of mind. It can take further hours to reach its maximum. Always take care when using scissors as not to cut your mattress. All of our mattresses are delivered full size, but mattresses bought elsewhere may be boxed. If you need any specific advice please get in touch.



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