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  • May 12, CC BY 2. There are plenty of ways to fit a baby into a small space. It just takes some advance planning and a willingness to think outside the box.

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    Ditch the change table. A newborn can easily be changed on a bathroom countertop, which gives you convenient access to water. Turn the change table into a multi-tasker. If you simply must have a change table, either place a cushioned pad on top of a clothes dresser, or else buy a change table with plenty of storage space underneath.

    Install a diaper supply shelf on the wall. Choose a spot close to where you typically change the baby. Stack diapers, wipes, cream, and washcloths at an easy-to-reach height.

    Use a bassinet for as long as possible. Infants are usually quite content to sleep in smaller, cozier spaces for longer. My kids slept in a Moses basket on the floor until they were 4 months old. Buy a smaller crib.

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  • There are very nice ones on the market that are simple, light, and take up fairly little room. Some people choose to forego the crib altogether to co-sleep, or use a small infant bed inside the parents' bed. Get creative with crib placement. I did it for one year when living in 1-bedroom apartment with a newborn, and it makes nighttime feedings easier.

    Or turn a wide, shallow closet into a sleeping nook for baby. Put a pocket shoe organizer over the door and use it for nursery supplies.

    cot bed ideas Cot bed ideas

    Lotion, oils, medicine, thermometer, toys, clean washcloths and spit cloths — all of these things need to be stored somewhere, and what better place than hidden behind the door? Move the rocking chair out of the nursery.

    If the space is tight, consider putting a rocking chair in the living room instead. As for a special feeding chair, it can be even cozier to do it in bed, propped up with pillows. Install decorative hooks on the walls to hang up clothes.

    We actually moved her in there when she was four months old, a couple of months earlier than is recommended, as she started sleeping through the night when she was eight weeks lucky us, I know! However, whilst you may get away with a single cot for up to 6 months, eventually the time will come when sharing a cot space can be an obstacle to efficient sleep.

    Or string a cotton rope between hooks to create a place where older kids can hang up their own clothes on little hangers. Find a funky fabric laundry hamper and hang it on the wall, too. Let go of the cute but unnecessary decorations. Bumper pads, stuffed animals, and decorative pillows in a crib take up space, create visual clutter, and are hazardous to a baby.

    And, let's be honest, the baby doesn't really care. Hang a pretty mobile from the ceiling instead. Reconsider that nursing pillow. Nursing pillows work well for some women, but they can be a pain to store because of their awkward shape.

    Usually an ordinary bed pillow or a few can do just as good a job at supporting your arms and baby. Use the space under the crib. Choose wall shelves over floor shelves. If you do go with floor shelves, think tall instead of wide.

    Babies can share a room with older siblings. This can save you from needing to furnish or add an extra room, and most little kids love it. Create a room with a curtain divider. Who says there has to be a wall to delineate the nursery? Create separate spaces for parents and baby by installing a full ceiling-height curtain.

    Reduce the amount of stuff. Buy the absolute minimum, and see how it goes once baby arrives. Same goes for most toys, stuffed animals, and baby blankets.



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