cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge
cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge

To sleep them safely and reduce the risk of sudden infant death: Sleep your infant on their back from birth; never on their tummy or side. Sleep your infant with their head and face uncovered. Avoid exposing your infant to cigarette smoke, before and after birth.

Spare plain white covers available Additional information. Review by aya on May 5, seems very comfortable and soft my baby loves to sleep on it Changing the position in which you feed your child is also important, and feeding them at an inclined angle may help reduce reflux, and will help aid digestion.

Sleep your infant in their own cot or bassinette in the same room as you for their first six to twelve months. Provide a safe sleeping environment, night and day: The cot must meet the Australian standard for cots. No additional mattresses or extra padding should be placed in a travel cot. Tuck in bedclothes securely so bedding is not loose.

cream and pine cot

Keep quilts, doonas, duvets, pillows, cot bumpers, sheepskins and soft toys out of the cot or sleeping place. Use a firm, clean mattress that fits snugly in the cot.

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  • Bouncinettes, hammocks, prams and strollers have not been designed as sleeping products and your infant should not be left unsupervised if they fall asleep in them Never leave your infant unattended or sleeping unsupervised in devices such as swings, hammocks, chairs, wedges and bouncinettes. These devices were not designed as infant sleep environments and many do not have Australian safety standards. Fatal accidents have occurred.

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  • You may be concerned about sleeping your infant on their back; however, this position does not increase their risk of breathing in or choking on their milk or vomit. Infants with reflux should be placed on their back to sleep on a firm, flat mattress that is not elevated.

    Healthy infants protect their airway when placed supine on their back , as long as their swallowing and arousal abilities are not impaired.

    Our Deluxe pod is 18 inches wide x inches long [24 inches with clasps closed and 40 inches with clasps open]. While we're on the subject, please make sure never to leave a baby unattended on any type of elevated surfaces - this includes changing tables and sofas.

    Side positioning is unstable and not recommended as an alternative to sleeping your infant on their back. Aids and devices intended to keep infants in certain sleep positions are not recommended; they do not prevent your infant from rolling onto their tummy prone , and they limit their movements as they get older.

    As infants grow older, beyond the age of five to six months, a safe cot and safe sleep environment is still necessary even though they will move around the cot and roll over.

    cot bed reflux wedge Cot bed reflux wedge

    Settle your infant to sleep on their back, but let them find the sleep position they feel most comfortable in.



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