cot bed side guard ikea Cot bed side guard ikea

View in gallery If you want to take things to a new level, then check out the Kura forest house featured on ikeahackers.

It has a lot of fun features, not to mention that kids love the idea of having their own private little house where they can sleep, play and relax.

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  • You can even build the house with skylights so natural and artificial light can enter the box. Also, give it windows and a door, just like regular houses have. View in gallery As fun as forest houses may be, kids sometimes prefer something a little bit more fantastic, something like a castle for example.

    So give your little prince or princess a castle bed and make the transformation as fun as possible. Ikeahackers has a great tutorial for that. The materials needed for the transformation include some plywood, wood glue, primer, paint, permanent markers, cardboard, metal brackets, screws and bolts. View in gallery Of course, not all transformations are so complex and complicated.

    What better way to illustrate that than with an example? Check out the project featured on talesoffruitandcake if you want so find out all the details. The bed has some great storage compartments at the bottom which makes it pretty great for small spaces.

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    View in gallery And speaking of beds with storage, you can also find some inspiration in this sense on salakoska.

    As you can see, the Kura bed kept its look pretty much the same except for a few changes like the extra panels and the drawers which are perfect for storing lots of things like clothes, toys and school supplies. View in gallery A lot of the projects featured so far are focused on ways to maximize the functionality of the Kura bed. You can do that with paint or with vinyl.

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  • View in gallery One of the key features of the Kura bed is that it has a reversible design, meaning that you can either have the bed at the top or at the bottom. On harlowandthistle you can see how the bed would look when positioned at the bottom. This project also shows you how to change the look of this piece. The frame in this case was painted and curtains were added for increased privacy. View in gallery If you choose to have the bed placed at the bottom then you can cover the frame with curtains and turn the bed into a cozy tent.

    Maybe you can make things easier by repurposing things. You can also make the tent from scratch so start with lots of fabric and a sewing machine.

    cot bed side guard ikea Cot bed side guard ikea

    Find out more on vtwonen. View in gallery Have your mind set of making a toddler-friendly bunk bed for your kids?

    But, as with most large-scale developments, their main stumbling block at the time was finding a suitable site. Full approval for its reserved matters application was quietly granted by the city council on Friday. We also cut a section at the end of the top cot to allow access in and out of the bed.

    We have the perfect idea: Of course, you can change the design however you want so feel free to improvise. View in gallery You can pretty much choose any theme you want when transforming the Kura bed. For example, how about something Star Wars-inspired?

    cot bed side guard ikea Cot bed side guard ikea

    You can add some lightsaber decorations on the front panels and maybe some stickers. Wondering how you can make your Kura bed look just like that? With stickers, of course. View in gallery If you want the bedroom to be able to accommodate two or even three kids without occupying the floor space with beds, then check out the idea featured on Hilladuka. Two Kura beds were used here. One of them has two mattresses and was optimized to fit under the third one which has been fitted with a shelving unit along the side.

    View in gallery Depending on how much space you have available and how you want the bed to be positioned in the room, you can cut it down to size or elevate it to achieve the desired result. View in gallery As you can see, the Kura bed is veery versatile and can be included in lots of interesting and practical DIY ptojects. Customize it to give the kids more private space by adding curtains or include some extra storage space at the bottom. You can even have two Kura beds stacked one on top of the other just like featured on ikeahackers.

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