jamestown cot bed bolts Jamestown cot bed bolts

While under hypnosis she spontaneously recounted a story of her interaction with aliens and a flying saucer. Whilst in trance she spoke of being in a saucer with three "men", and of visiting a planet with an advanced society. Interview between Pony Godic and original investigator Peter Thomas in She recalls being on a table of some kind, with bright, very white lights above her. A big, long needle was pushed into her chest.

This needle insertion left her with a mole-like mark. On another occasion she was asleep at home, woke feeling paralysed when a being or beings appeared.

jamestown cot bed bolts Jamestown cot bed bolts

Communication was via telepathy. They told her they meant no harm. She has fragmentary memories of four abductions in all. Personal communications to Keith Basterfield She went to investigate. She remembers encountering "a small man" working on the outside of a strange object, and being signalled to stay away. The girl recollects being taken for a ride, ostensibly in the object she saw, and seeing an aerial view of her home town through the floor of the UFO.

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  • She does not remember how she got home, but clearly recalls getting a spanking for going to bed with dirty feet and soiling the sheets. Her left knee had been grazed. She was asleep at home in a suburban setting, and her first memory was of lying on a table in a UFO. The table was a sterile looking, aluminium-like table, in a circular room.

    The room had three operating tables in one part, and seating in another. Two types of being were present. There were two of one type, cm tall, with an elongated head. No mouth or nose was visible and ears were set back. They wore silver suits and moved normally.

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  • Numerous of the other type were seen. These were cm tall with elongated heads. They were clumsy in their movements. The two in silver suits appeared in control with the smaller ones as servants. She saw other humans, including her sister, on board, on seats attached to the wall. They seemed to be in a trance state. The beings seemed indifferent to her and did not communicate. However, they did communicate with each other from their throats with sounds similar to that of a cricket.

    An examination of her was carried out as they pummelled her stomach, although she could not see that they were doing. She is unsure how she returned to bed, but she can recall being in bed watching the small beings backing out of the room.

    He was taken into an externally small object, which was impossibly much larger inside. Twenty or more similar beings were also inside. He was offered a drink, then passed out.

    He awoke and found himself on the floor of the object. He saw two human female children in a cage-like structure who seemed to be in a trance.

    The entities present, both male and female, were all human looking. Regression uncovered only a few vague details. As a result, the warm and inviting attractiveness of wood legs, wood backrest panel and wood cross bars are fully attained in a folding wood chair which is rigid, sturdy and lasting in use.

    The man felt he had somehow been rejected by the beings. A doorway suddenly opened in front of him. He stepped out and found himself back on the desert floor. He rejoined a companion and found he had been away for one and a half hours.

    Australian Flying Saucer Research Society. Several beings were present.

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    Olive skinned with black eyes, they wore one piece, black, flying suits. Communication was by telepathy and a number of messages were conveyed to her. She woke in bed to hear the noise of the object leaving. They told Budd that they should have been in the photo but were not. Under regression, Jenny recalled an invisible UFO which took her from a playground as her husband took a photo. On board were several small figures. Jenny then found herself nude on a table and was given a gynaecological exam.

    She and the boys were then returned to the playground where she saw her husband, camera still in hand. They then all returned to normal. Under regression Sam recalled seeing the family being taken up. Going outside, they encountered European-looking people who took them to a large, silver craft.

    The entity wore grey-green T-shirt, loose fitting belted trousers. At age three she was in her cot and woke to find the room "filled with people looking like doctors," 10 to 12 of them. The fees must be based on the cost of reviewing construction plans, conducting routine and complaint inspections, and necessary enforcement action.

    After being subjected to psychological testing for several hours, they became aware of being back at their kitchen table. Both men passed away within two years of the event.

    Sep Jindabyne NSW 2 males [3] Two young men, out hunting, reported seeing a bright white, spherical, light on the ground some little distance away. Next night it was seen again. In one of the men began recalling memories of a two hour time lapse on one of those nights.

    He consciously recalled that a blue light surrounded them both as they went near the object. They were floated through a hatch into a grey coloured, rectangular room in the UFO.

    After being put on two "benches" they were examined by several tall beings. The beings were hairless, grey, and had grey bulges where we have eyes. Slit like mouths and flat noses, with no ears were described. During the examination, and without tearing their clothes, the beings connected "wires" to the men. The reporting man, felt "used" as if a specimen. They were then returned to the original spot where they had been.

    The entities present, both male and female, were all human looking. There were also a few other human being abductees, present also. She would not let the entities examine her as she was pregnant. The beings were apparently disturbed at having made a mistake saying they did not touch pregnant women. One being showed her how the baby would look when born, which the woman says was accurate. This was followed by a tour around the ship. Her next memory is of being back on Earth in the countryside.

    Suddenly she found herself in her bed. A disc-like object on the ground. He noted "busts" of two "ugly" entities inside a transparent dome. Under regression he recalled a "vision" of fire and devastation; being on a spacecraft?

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  • It then became clear he was reporting as if he were viewing from the alien's perspective. She found herself in this white space. Present were three entities. They were some two point one metres tall, and covered in "gowns".

    She wasn't frightened as the beings emitted a beautiful feeling. She had a discussion with them. When she woke the next morning she had a vivid recall of the events of the night apart from the content of the conversation. Personality changes ensued subsequent to that night. Since then she has reported episodes of sleep paralysis and other unusual activity.

    He came out three hours later to find the other two men asleep in front of the TV. They thought that only 10 minutes had gone by. Five aliens were involved. There were two tall gold types, and three small grey types in robes. There was ESP communication and a needle was put into his head. Under hypnosis recalls being in a room, not his own, in another place. Powerful lights beyond a doorway.

    jamestown cot bed bolts Jamestown cot bed bolts

    Since then, anomalies experienced include a ball of light, explosions, electrical interference. Wife has seen some of these. Returning home from taking his wife to the railway station, he returned to bed and fell asleep. All of sudden he sat bolt upright in bed.



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