cot bed mattress zipper cover Cot bed mattress zipper cover

A one stop official reference for expectant and new parents Mattress Fabrics We have a huge selection of mattress covereings, any of which can be used in the manufacture of your child's new mattress.

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  • Many of our fabrics have oeko-tex certification. We have everything from the very basic, right up to the latest intelligent fabrics. As we are so passionate about our children's mattresses, we are constantly researching new and innovating coverings which include Fair Trade and Organic fabrics. All over the covers are easily removed for washing by means of a zip.

    Unless stated otherwise, all of our mattress covers can be machine washed at 60 degrees. Cool tumble dry or leave to dry naturally.

    This will be specified for your maximum comfort and also defines the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress. That paired with a strong and soft foam layer on top and below the springs ensures the most comfortable experience possible for baby or child. You can also sponge clean the cover with mild detergent and allow to air dry.

    Do not dry clean. PVC — non-breathable material which is waterproof and wipe clean. Great for easy cleaning but children can become very hot when sleeping on PVC Mesh — simple breathable net fabric. Usually used on very large spring mattresses.

    cot bed mattress zipper cover Cot bed mattress zipper cover

    Cool Feel Plus — Intelligent cross section design keeps skin dry and cooler for longer helping your baby to have a comfortable nights sleep without getting hot and bothered like they would for example on a PVC fabric. Cover is breathable, removable and machine washable.

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  • Bamboo — Natural fibres extracted directly from bamboo clums, long known as eco-friendly and a quickly renewable resource.

    Au Naturel — Anti-Dust mite cover provides protection from mites that cause allergic reactions and sensitivity to allergens.

    The cover is clinically proven and soft to touch. It provides a soothing environment for baby to sleep.

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  • This is a silky to touch, deeply embossed fabric which releases the scent of Lavender to encourage restful sleep and reduce stress. X-static — Lined with pure silver, anti bacterial, anti dust mite, hypo-allergenic, quilted and also has the Coolmax properties built in. Eco Shield — Our latest addition to our extensive range, Eco-Shield offers protection from, dust mites, bed bugs, mosquitoes and moths.

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    The cover has a wonderful citronella smell to it and is enriched with eucalyptus which helps to soothe skin. Eco Shield fabric helps to provide a safe, soothing and silky soft sleeping environment.

    Each material is breathable, removable and machine washable. Share Page updated 24th May ,



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