cot bed rail cover Cot bed rail cover

Bed grab rails can provide the answer in most cases and also help restore independence to the user. All of our rails are made to the best quality available and are strong and sturdy enough to last for years.

This resulted in a final total of reports which included deaths, injuries, 53 near misses, and 53 unclassified. The bed rail is easily fitted by positioning it between the mattress and bed base with no straps required.

If you need a little more information before buying, then do get in touch and our specially-trained team will be able to assist you in your choice. This product is eligible for VAT Relief These bed rails are suitable for all profile beds for added safety. A simple button mechanism, on the top rail, allows for quick and easy adjustment of the rail, making it perfect for the carer who requires easy access to the user.

The adjustable telescopic frame is designed for use with single, double and king size divan beds. Not suitable for slatted, hospital or profiling beds. White powder coated finish. The innovative folding design enables the bed rail to be stored and transported flat, but simply opened out and secured with clips when required for use.

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  • The bed rail is easily fitted by positioning it between the mattress and bed base with no straps required. Easily secured with an adjustable base plate that fits under the legs or wheels of a bed. Suitable for all types of beds including divans.

    Available in a single or double bed version. Can be used on either the left or right hand side of the bed. Closed cell foam handle can be easily cleaned and adjusted to suit the mattress height. Can be secured via the use of the safety strap provided. The innovative shape of the metal handrail easily and comfortably enables the users lifting action from lying to a sitting position and sitting to standing positions.

    Put the cover back on the crib and decide how tight you want your ribbon straps to be and where you want your snap location on the outside of your cover lower on the fabric will help keep the cover in place better. After a couple of times falling out of bed I knew I had to buy something to stop her but really felt that a bed guard was just the same as putting the side back on!!

    It is easily fitted as it simply slides under the mattress from either side, and the two piece construction aids carriage and storage. Fits both single and double beds. Its attractive, ergonomic design complements virtually any bedroom. Functional, strong, hygienic and safe, provides the user with confidence and independence.

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    Stored flat when not in use, it can be easily assembled and quickly fitted to the bed without the use of tools. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs enable the user to pull themselves up with a hand over hand movement.

    Suitable for single or double beds. Designed for raising a person to a sitting position. The support can be set at any of six angles, using a pull chain lock. Strap length adjusts and can also be used in any of four positions along the arm of the support. Unlike fixed bed rails, the Smart-Rail is able to unlock and pivot outward to provide better standing support meaning less reaching or twisting.

    cot bed rail cover Cot bed rail cover

    The solid and secure steel frame is supplied with straps that are attached to the opposite side of the bed frame to minimise movement during use. It can be adjusted in height, using the Homecraft pin clip system.

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  • It can be dropped down by a simple push button release and raised up with a click lock action. It can be stored under the bed during the day or disassembled into three pieces using the spring catches. The clip-on nylon cords must be secured around the legs of the bed for safety. Suitable for most profiling beds.

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  • The bumpers are made to fit a variety of cot sides and are easily fastened in place.



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