toddler sleeping cot Toddler sleeping cot

From cot to bed: Generally speaking, most children go from cot to bed anytime between 18 months and three-and-a-half years.

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  • Cot to cot bed — is now the right time? What influences many parents to make the change is a general feeling that they have outgrown the cot, especially if they have learned to climb out!

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    Once this has happened it is important to get them into a bed soon as they could injure themselves. The only disadvantage is that, once free from the constraints of a cot, your toddler can roam around the house at night!

    Alternatively, you could wait until your newborn is three or four months old, when your eldest child has had a chance to become used to the situation.

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  • Sleeping in a bed will mean she can get up in the night to go to the loo, rather than being trapped by her cot bars.

    Coping with change How well your child adjusts to the new situation will depend on their nature and temperament. Some find the change easy while others have trouble with it. First-borns are more likely to resist, especially if they know another child is on the way. For very good reasons she may be very attached to her cot and, if another baby is on the way, a change in sleeping location signals yet another change in her life.

    Swapping cot for bed often happens at the same time as toilet-training, starting nursery and other milestones which mean that she is growing up. Easing the way Some toddlers will take to a new bed like a fish to water.

    toddler sleeping cot Toddler sleeping cot

    Most will need some gentle encouragement and reassurance. There are various ways you can help ease the transition: Put the bed in the same place as the cot. Let your child sleep with her old cot blanket, even if it is too small, if she wants to.

    Take your child along with you when you buy the bed and involve them in the decision. Let me know in the comments below, and good luck to those embarking on this adventure! It is a good idea to introduce their new Snuggle Sac as something special just before they move out of their cot so they make the association with bed and sleep.

    Take your child along with you when you buy the bed and involve them in the decision. You could throw a special party for the first time your child uses their new bed. When the big day arrives, have a party and invite friends and family.

    toddler sleeping cot Toddler sleeping cot

    Your child may be so excited about the occasion that the big bed may gain in appeal! Words of warning 1. Some find that swapping cot for bed was done prematurely. If so, use the cot again for a little while and try again later.



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